About Pinkangel

I am a fashion/lifestyle blogger in the virtual world known as Second Life.
I've been a resident of Second Life since 29/08/2007
I've come to learn that Second Life is what you make it. Your avatar is a virtual extension of real you, as long as you're not hurting anyone be whoever you want to be.

 I love exploring around in SL, chatting with friends, Dancing having fun and most of all shopping!  Now I have found another platform to have more fun, my own SL fashion/lifestyle blog! 
I will be posting various things like. outfit of the day.review items such as apparel and Hairs, Skins, Eyes, Poses, Accessories, Clothing, Shoes, and Furniture.places and lots more!

I am more than happy to do reciprocal links with other bloggers, so if you like my blog and would like me to link to yours and vice versa, please contact me.

I am also a real life Psychic/medium, I do Tarot Readings, Angel Readings, Spiritual Guidance for those who need it. see the Pure light psychics tab on my blog for more information.

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