Thursday, 26 July 2018

Candle and Cauldron - Sun & Sea Gacha

Hey friends

I have a cool mystical
 Gacha to show you today from Candle and Cauldron.
 SL has gone a bit gacha-goo-goo! 

The Scene.
*{C&C} Sea Scrying Mirror
*{C&C} Sea Scrying Bowl
*RARE {C&C} Floor Candles
*{C&C} Sea Witch Tasseo Cup
*{C&C} Sun Witch Wand
( Sold separately in store)*{C&C} Crystal Rug - Gold

Pose: * HG. BeachPlease. No.5

RARE* {C&C} Cardinal Room  HUD controls the windows:
-night time
or transparent.

RARE *{C&C} Star Tarot Framed
*{C&C} Sun Tarot Framed
*{C&C} Moon Tarot Frame
Frames are texture change.
Touch to choose an option
- Tintable
- Gold
- Silver
- Black 
- Wood

Candle and Cauldron Marpetplace
Second life Store Map 

Have a great day!

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