Tuesday, 5 June 2018

{C&C} Opal Moon

Hello my lovelies
I  have some beautiful Items today from 
Candle and Cauldron.

LiViD : The Gypsy Witch Couches

*{C&C}Drop Window Crystal

This is {C&C} attempt to recreate the amazing refraction and rainbow effects you get from hanging faceted crystals in sunlight in real life.
When the sun hits those facets, amazing rainbows are scattered around the area from the light refraction within the crystals cuts.
What is in this box:
- Four lengths of crystals - Short, Medium, Long, and Extra Long = 1 Land impact each 
Each crystal is scripted to randomly choose its direction and speed of spin... no two crystals will copy the same!
- Two sizes and angles of long flat rainbow prims = 1 Land impact each
- Two sizes and angles of square rainbow prims = 1 Land impact each
1- First hang up your crystal or crystals, in a window, from the ceiling... where ever you would like it!
2- Then place a rainbow prim of your liking on any flat surface 
((floor ones on floors and ceilings... wall ones on anything upright))
3- The Rainbow prims will fade in and out with a slight spin to mimic the spinning crystal and sun hiding behind the clouds

*{C&C}Opal Moon Candle Holders
Crescent moon shaped candle holder with opal inlays and votive candle.
1 Land impact each
6 opal options
6 holder options
Copy/Mod/No Transfer
To change either texture:
Touch moon and choose selection from drop down menu.

*{C&C} Crystal Rugs
Set of 5 individual rugs shaped in crystals with corresponding element and directional colouring.
Each rug has a light and dark (inverted) version.
Simply touch rug to change the texture.
1 Li per Rug (linking them together will lower the impact)

Candle and Cauldron Marpetplace
Second life Store Map 

Have a lovely day!

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