Friday, 22 June 2018

Go Smudge Yourself!

Hiya hunnies.

I have some very lovely items to show you today from Candle and Cauldron.
The Scene.
*{C&C} Witch Ball - Rainbow - Long 

*{C&C} Heart Chakra Rug - Noir
*{C&C} Opal Moon Candle Holder - Natural

*{C&C}Go Smudge Yourself - Pine

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I want to talk to you today about how our thoughts can change our moods.
What you let enter your mind and continue to stay there becomes a reality. 
You have the choice to not allow your thoughts to take over especially if they are negative and demeaning. 
Thoughts become real!! What do you do when these thoughts enter our minds? 
I say Clear! Clear! Clear!
releasing that thought from becoming a reality. Thoughts are things but you have the power to control what thoughts you are having. 
If you continue to think about what others say about you or you being negative about yourself you bring that thought to life!! 
That thought now becomes your reality!! Replace that thought with happy, inspiring thoughts of love and compassion for yourself and others. 
We need to come from the Heart and Soul and not our hurt feelings or our head!! 
See each other as a Soul and not just a body. Forget about how someone looks or acts and go to the Soul and try to see where they are coming from.
Everyone has a story, try to remember everyone comes from a different place.
I am not perfect at doing this but I am sure trying. When peace resides in your Heart and Soul it’s such an awesome feeling. 
So when someone tries to stir that negativity in, you learn to dismiss it, your peace is worth so much more.

Smudging is the burning of certain herbs to create a cleansing smoke bath, which is used to purify people, ceremonial and ritual space, and ceremonial tools and objects. There are different ceremonies and rituals that can be done.
The burning of herbs or incense is a practice held sacred by many indigenous cultures. It is a ritual for cleansing, purifying and protecting the physical and spiritual bodies. The effect of the smoke is to banish negative energies.
Many different cultures and peoples have their own methods and herbal mixtures for this purpose. Smudging, done correctly, can bring physical, spiritual and emotional balance.
The term Smudging originated in the Native American culture. Native American Indians use a variety of smudging mixtures. In olden times, the end of the smudge stick or braid was lit from the central or cooking fire.
Not everyone views the practice of smudging in the same way and different herbs may be used for different purposes.

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